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MEMBERS - John Wilson

John Wilson John Wilson
John Wilson is interested in the interface between philosophy and psychology, expecially phenomenology and existentialism. He has spent half of his life teaching English for academic purposes. He then studied for a counselling qualification in London and worked with substance abusers. He has the ABAC masters degree in counselling from Bangkok and organises local Gestalt groups. He also speaks French and Italian.


Fundamentals of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London.
MSc Counselling Psychology, ABAC, Bangkok.
MA Applied Linguistics, Birmingham, UK.
BA Philosophy, York, UK.


Wilson, J., (2014), Sartre and Cyber-Dissidence: The Groupe en Fusion and the Putative We-Subject, Sartre Studies International, 20:1.

Wilson, J., (2010), Repression: Psychoanalytic and Sartrian Perspectives, Existential Analysis, 21.2.

Also articles in Quaderni del Laboratorio Linguistico, Molecular Biology, Manutsart Journal of Humanities and Thai TESOL.